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Sonja Wiering

What I have learned in all those years, is that massage is a medicine.

A Medicine for the body as well for the mind, and in a spiritual way it can bring you to a deeper level of your own consiousness by  the flow wich is created with the healing touch, to return into yourself again, and this can prevent the pathogen causal connection and to maintain the silverlined precious contact from your body & mind.

Being concious means also creating space for yourself, which is nessecary to create the feeling of true freedom we need to experience life  as a adventurous journey, full with possibilities and not only that living means to work  and feel sorry about the things we would do, should do, like to do, but don’t, just because we are captived by all kinds of obligations.

In Western Society  we have a lot of nervous disorders because of all the social and economic pressure, and this creates disorders in all ways thinkable, and this means we loose a lot of our “free-me-time” and so much of this obligations we really don’t need.

What we need is the feeling of being care-free, in this continious demanding exististence.

To wolk in the forest and across the Oceans wonder about Nature’s  gifts, allways there, just waiting for us to be seen

The sound of this beautifull voices of nature is full  of whispering promisses if you can hear them, if you are aware about this. They ask you to let go of your fears and possesions and claims, so you can explore your talents and develop these gifts to enjoy your existence in stead of create pain and illnesses. Or, the other way around, to resolve  with creativity the  times of ilnesses and transform them into something to express yourselve.

I have been very lucky to travel for years since I was young, first in Europe with my family,  and later I went to Asia, where I lived amongst nature tribes in Indonsia and with the Sea-Gypsy’s of Thailand and Maleysia, I was amazed  by the fascinating Asian country’s, I can write a book about it or tell so much story’s,  also, like everywhere on Earth there’s a lot of missary, grieve and disbalance, but the beautifull  brave,  strong and authentic  people I have met, all over these parts of the World, from Europe to India and Australia, and back home again, makes me still feel so wonderfull.

We are all connected.

Look in life towards your true goals, with your own talents, remember them.

 “Quemadmodum desiderat cervus ad fontes aquarum”


Mijn aanbod


The experience of relaxation and healing

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A special treatment for the summer

Stoel Massage

Ideal during work for your employees & with events


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